The most important facts
briefly summarized

What is the Green Traveler used for?

It is used to carry whatever you want: solids or liquids, food or supplies. All in a portable container, like a reusable water bottle.

Why should it be better than other lunchboxes?

The GT has four isolated compartments, is waterproof and does not open in a bag. It can also be attached to the outside of a bag or belt loop and fits into the drink net on the side of most backpacks. It can keep objects dry and keep liquids inside.

What can I use the Green Traveler for?

It is designed for everyday use in everyday life, while traveling in airplanes or driving in the park. It is tough enough for hiking, skiing, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing and other outdoor sports.

What is the Green Traveler made of?

Constructed of ABS plastic, due to its technical and food safe properties. High heat resistance makes it safe for microwaves and dishwashers and does not require hardeners or softeners, unlike polycarbonate, which often has BPA.

Is it safe for my children?

Yes. We have designed it to be completely safe for children. No leaching of plastics, no chemicals like BPA or DEHP and no small parts to suffocate. It is the same plastic as Lego®.

Is it recyclable?

Yes. It should last a lifetime, but in case you need to dispose of it, the recycling code number 7 is listed as "other", but pure ABS is highly recyclable. We are currently developing a closed circuit system to recycle our containers in-house. Stay tuned.

What do I do if my Green Traveler breaks down?

ABS is very strong and impact resistant. A big impact can still do damage. In this case we will help you to replace the damaged parts.
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