Der Green Traveler - the best lunchbox in the world

About us

Jürgen Ziegler - The person
behind Scato Trading

How it all started …

Since 2016, I run Scato Trading out of the interest of trading. It all started in a cafe in Napoli: I remember as if it were yesterday when I was sitting in a cafe with my wonderful Italian wife and she suddenly handed me a present. This gift was a so-called "Magic Wallet" that immediately enchanted and mesmerized me. My wife regretted the gift after a short time, because she said after 5 minutes, I should finally put the purse aside.

From this point on, the thought that had been slumbering in me for a long time was shaken up. For me it was clear: I would like to offer interesting products from other cities and regions.

I select my products according to the following criteria: style, functionality and uniqueness. However, one of my biggest concerns when choosing my products is nature conservation, so there is a lot of focus on the following attributes: recyclable, biodegradable and natural.

The story behind Green Traveler

In 2016, I got to know and appreciate this project on Kickstarter. I believed in the vision of James Robinson and his wife. Born in America, now living in Sweden, James is a nature lover like me who was tired of bumping into overfilled dustbins while hiking and climbing. He and his wife, a native of Graz, decided to change something and developed the "Green Traveler“.

Most of us, spend their weekend outdoors, hiking, biking, at the lake or in the public pool and take some food with them. So far, expensive Tupperware and waste-producing plastic packaging has been the way to transport food on the move. We were tired of using plastic bags and disposable boxes, knowing that they would end up in landfills. There is another option with the Green Traveler. The Green Traveler is an eco-friendly lunch box, with which garbage load belongs to the past. It is easy to use, robust, resistant to heat and cold, suitable for children and much more — for exactly these reasons the Green Traveler has been part of our product range since 2016.